Each box of Zen tubes in Red and Blue is a 250 count box of pure quality. Each box of menthol is a 200 count box that is cool and refreshing. No matter which you choose, every box lets you get your moment of Zen as often as you want.

Why Zen Cigarette Tubes?

If you are looking for ease, convenience, and reliability, you'll find that Zen Cigarette Tubes are the go-to accessory. Always offering exceptional quality at a reasonable price, customers consistently rely on Zen Cigarette Tubes for their sturdy design and ease of use. You can still enjoy your favorite brands effortlessly, dependably, and – most importantly – inexpensively.

The Economical Choice.

Cigarettes can be quite pricey; smokers often find that the cost can exceed $100s per month for quality products. Consumers looking for a reasonably priced alternative to standard cigarettes look to Zen Cigarette Tubes for enjoyment of their favorite brand of tobacco at a fraction of the cost of a traditional pack. With Zen Cigarette Tubes, you don't have to sacrifice enjoyment for low price.

Always Flexible.

You don't have to worry about having the right accessories; Zen Cigarette Tubes can be easily used with a variety of machines and injectors – no sticking and no tearing. If you are new to cigarette tubes, you'll find that your transition is remarkably smooth.

High Quality.

Quality is key – consumers want their cigarette tubes sturdy, while still providing excellent value. Zen Cigarette Tubes deliver the true, full flavor of whichever brand of tobacco is used. However inexpensive your cigarette tubes are, discarding torn or broken units only wastes your money. Zen Cigarette Tubes are always reliable.

You're in Control.

Zen Cigarette Tubes come in a variety of sizes of filters and length, as well as products designed for different strengths, including Menthol. Whichever product you prefer, Zen Cigarette Tubes can accommodate it at an unbeatable price, without compromising flavor or enjoyment.

If you want a reliable alternative to either standard cigarettes or disappointing cigarette tubes, Zen Cigarette Tubes are a favorite amongst novices and connoisseurs. Always reasonably priced; always the highest quality.