Vera Cruz

Vera Cruz Tubes bring state-of-the-art luxury to a set of upscale, designer-quality tubes. Only the finest materials go into these unique king-size tubes. Available in Elegante, Nocturne, and Midnight in king size and are 200 count boxes.

Vera Cruz Cigarette Tubes

If you are like most people, you like rewards. Vera Cruz Cigarette Tubes are cream-of-the-crop when it comes to creating your own smokes. Smoker’s Outlet Online is proud to offer these cigarette filter tubes, which remain one of our most popular due to their upscale quality and matchless flavor.

At Smoker’s Outline Online, you can choose from among three types of Vera Cruz Cigarette Tubes. Consider our state-of-the-art Vera Cruz Elegante tubes, which are part of a brand new line of designer-quality cigarette filter tubes. Their luxurious appearance combined with their use of nothing but the most exquisite materials make these tubes first-rate. The tube is white with a brown filter wrap as well as burgundy and gold bands.

You can also choose the Vera Cruz Nocturne Natural Brown, which has both brown paper and a brown filter tip; the filter wrap is trimmed in gold and black. Our third cigarette tube option is the Vera Cruz Midnight, which whisks you away to a smoker’s dreamland with its classy look. It features black paper and a black filter tip, with a filter wrap that is trimmed in gold. Our Vera Cruz tubes are 84 millimeters long with either 20- or 22-millimeter-long filters.

You cannot go wrong with our Vera Cruz Cigarette Tubes, which are not only high in quality but also relatively easy to stuff with tobacco. Customers praise them for remaining sturdy, burning evenly, not featuring as many chemicals, and being available at an excellent value. They also do not dull the flavor of the tobacco you are smoking, thus providing for a better smoking experience all around. Thanks to these popular cigarette tubes, enjoying each puff of a cigarette has never been easier.