These Cigarette tubes are made by one of the oldest names in tobacco, Top. These 250ct boxes are available in Regular, Gold and Menthol in both King and 100mm sizes.

Top Cigarette Tubes

Your cigarette has a companionable character about it that makes you feel as though you are spending time with your best friend when you go out for a smoke. Naturally, you are choosy with your friends, so it only makes sense to also be choosy with your cigarette products. If you are looking for a top cigarette tube for creating your preferred smokes, Top Cigarette Tubes at Smoker’s Outlet Online are sure to please.

We offer three types of Top Cigarette Tubes: Regular King, Gold King, and Menthol King. A Top Regular King tube, at 84 millimeters long, has a 15-millimeter filter and a brown filter tip, while the Top Gold King tube features a white filter tip. The Top Menthol King tube is an excellent option if you enjoy its mint flavor, which can be cooling and relaxing, adding a sweet touch to your cigarette-smoking experience.

Our Top Cigarette Tubes are available in 250-count boxes. Customers can attest to their superiority in that they are easy to use with your own choice of filler, do not tear or slip, and offer flawless flavor each time you take a smoke break. When you purchase these cigarette tubes, you will see for yourself that they are well-made and thus well-named.

Top has a lengthy history of consistency and quality in its products, remaining one of the premier brands in the cigarette tube industry. That is why we offer this famous company’s cigarette tubes, and we can guide you in choosing the exact tubes to satisfy your needs and taste buds. These tubes even make excellent gifts for family members, co-workers, or friends who can appreciate top-rate cigarette products. At Smoker’s Outlet Online, our customer service focus is second to none. We pride ourselves on offering only the best of the best in cigarette tubes.