Most snuffers are designed to be open on both ends. 

Please note that in order for these cigarette snuffers to work, they must be in an ashtray, as they do not have a bottom.

Do not use these snuffers on flammable or stain-able surfaces.

All Kinds of Snuffers to Meet Your Smoking Needs

Many smokers have discovered to their delight that snuffers are efficient and clean solutions to snubbing out a cigarette. Instead of trying to smash out a burning cigarette tip in an ashtray, where all too often the burning cherry continues to smoke and burn the cigarette end or ends up lighting up shredded pieces of tobacco to generate even more smoke, snuffers do a perfect job of extinguishing a smoke quickly and with a minimum of excess smoke in the process.

At Smoker’s Outlet Online, we have reviewed a lot of manufacturers of snuffers in order to narrow down our selection to only include modestly priced and highly effective products for our smoking customers. Coming in all sizes, shapes, and materials, our snuffers are made to perform without costing you an arm and a leg in the process. In fact, we are able to price our snuffers at such low prices that most of our customers are buying them in bulk and have them placed in or near every ashtray that they own.

Our most popular and efficient snuffers come in glass, metal, brass, and even crystal. Of course, we supply as many different colors and shapes as possible, so if you love skulls, you can even find metal skull snuffers that do the job for you. We also have snuffers that were specifically designed and constructed to snuff out cigars, which means if you are running out of time while you are enjoying your cigar, simply snuff it out and you can save the remainder for a later smoking session.

We also carry the Bobken cigarette saver which is a combination cigarette snuffer and holder. If you only have time to sneak in a few puffs and want to save the rest of your cigarette for later, simply slide the burning cigarette into the handy holder and it is instantly extinguished and ready to relight at a later and more convenient time.

In essence, if you want to get the most out of each smoke, even when time is limited, use our snuffers to put out your smoke yet keep it ready for later use.