Shargio tubes are a wonderful brand of tubes made right here in the USA. They are available in Red, Blue and Menthol in a 200ct King size and a 250ct 100mm size.

Shargio Cigarette Tubes – Reliable, Flexible, and Made in the U.S.A

A great many consumers are turning to cigarette tubes for a variety of reasons. Some might be looking for a less expensive alternative to their traditional pre-packed brands. Others might be connoisseurs, who only trust unadulterated products. What both types of customers have in common is their need for the right cigarette tube.

If you're looking for a high quality, reasonably priced, flexible, and American-made cigarette tube, look no further than Shargio. Shargio Cigarette Tubes deliver the exceptional value and unparalleled quality consumers expect from a cigarette tube.


It is extremely frustrating to have cigarette tubes break, bend, and tear immediately out of the carton. Shargio Cigarette Tubes were all manufactured to the absolute highest standard, so you'll never have to throw out unusable products, wasting your hard-earned money.

Shargio Cigarette Tubes are unfailingly high quality; something that consumers not only expect, but demand. Each tube is expertly designed, durable, and easy to use. They also deliver a mild flavor, allowing you the full enjoyment of your favorite tobacco brands.


You'll never have to worry about having the right injector; Shargio Cigarette Tubes can be used easily and smoothly with a variety of machines. Ready to use, with no tearing, bending, or crushing – you can rest assured that you'll have the full enjoyment of every one of your tubes!


Because the price of standard cigarettes is becoming increasingly high, many are turning to the more economical cigarette tube. Shargio Cigarette Tubes are unmatched in value for price. You can reduce the cost of your products by a significant amount – often as low as a few pennies per cigarette – while actually increasing the quality.

When it comes to cigarette tubes, you have an abundance of choices – Shargio Cigarette Tubes will always be the right one.