Pipe Tobacco in Pouches

We offer Pipe Tobacco in convenient pouches from Paladin, Prince Albert, Carter Hall, Captain Black, more.

Fine Pipe Tobacco in Pouches

As pipe smokers already know, having pipe tobacco in pouches is a smart way to make pipe smoking on the go as easy as possible. As is our typical custom, at Smoker’s Outlet Online we make certain to carry a good and tempting selection of pipe tobacco in pouches for our valued pipe smoking customers.

A quick glance at our comprehensive list of pipe tobacco in pouches should give you the assurance that we have what you want, and we carry them at surprisingly low prices. To begin, we carry five different blends of Captain Black: dark, white, gold, cherry, and round taste. Each of these unique and popular blends come in 1 ½ ounce pouches, which make them easy to slip inside your coat pocket or even in your back pocket.

We also offer four fantastic Sir Walter Raleigh blends for your choosing: the original flavor, as well as an aromatic pouch, the cherry vanilla blend, and the soft vanilla pouch. Once more, we can assure you that each pipe you fill will deliver full flavors along with a smooth and satisfying smoke.

Our Borkum Riff pipe tobacco in pouches comes in the original mixture, a cherry Cavendish mixture, and the very popular bourbon whiskey, which, as you can imagine, is an excellent companion with an after dinner drink.

In addition to the above-named manufacturers, you will be pleased to find that we also carry Prince Albert in a pouch, the classic Carter Hall pouch, and the classic Half and Half pouch.

As you will quickly discover, we have priced all of our pipe tobacco in pouches to be temptingly affordable and easy to use. There is perhaps nothing quite as satisfying as dipping your pipe bowl into your pipe tobacco pouch and filling it with fresh and tasty pipe tobacco. Again, since we offer all of our pipe tobacco in pouches at such an inexpensive prices, you would be well advised to pick up several pouches in your next order. That way, you will remain well stocked and ready to enjoy a puff whenever the occasion moves you.