Pipe Tobacco in Cans

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Best Quality Pipe Tobacco in Cans

For our customers who enjoy smoking tobacco from a pipe, you have come to the right place! At Smoker’s Outlet Online, we stock the finest pipe tobacco in cans at prices that can’t be beaten. And as any veteran pipe smoker already knows, keeping your pipe tobacco in cans retains that fresh flavor that gives you a smoother smoke.

Lucky for you, we carry a variety of canned pipe tobacco. For example, we have both the classic Borkum Riff blend and the wildly popular Borkum Riff bourbon whiskey mixture. Both of these items are flavorful and smooth and will be delivered to you in 7-ounce cans.

And yes, we’ll say it with a straight face and without any intention of joking around: we also have both Prince Albert and Sir Walter Raleigh in a can. Both of these particular brands of pipe tobacco have been around for decades and for good reasons. Once again, a smooth and pure smoke can be had with each pipe you fill up. In addition to the standard Sir Walter Raleigh, we also offer the aromatic blend that comes in the black and red can.

To round off our fine collection of pipe tobacco in cans, we strongly recommend the 14-ounce Carter Hall pipe tobacco, Paladin black cherry, and the three distinctly popular flavors of Captain Black, their original pipe tobacco blend, as well as the gold and white blends. These premium producers of pipe tobacco come in 14-ounce containers and are certain to please even the pickiest smokers.