Pipe Screens

Choose from Stainless Steel or Brass Smoking Pipe Screens

As most pipe smokers are aware, by using high quality smoking pipe screens, you reduce the amount of pipe tobacco that can get pulled into your pipe stem while smoking. Not only is it annoying to pick out small pieces and fragment of pipe tobacco from your mouth, but without the use of smoking pipe screens, you will end up having to spend more time regularly cleaning out your smoking pipes.

At Smoker’s Outlet Online, it is our firm commitment to make sure that we only stock in the best of tobacco products and accessories, right down to the smoking pipe screens which we carry. We stock both brass and stainless steel screens, but we have no preference as to which smoking pipe screens you should use with your smoking pipe. Both of these types of smoking pipe screens are .750 course and come in a package of 10, so you can be well stocked and always ready to replace a clogged or well used screen.

Once you see the great price we offer on both brass and stainless steel smoking pipe screens, you will not even need to hesitate in placing your order. Again, because of our low prices, we recommend that you stock up and buy several packs at once. A prepared pipe smoker is a happy pipe smoker, and with our low cost brass and stainless steel pipe screens, it makes sense to get a handful of packages with your next order.

Along with our popular and effective smoking pipe filters, using smoking pipe screens helps keep your pipe stem free of resin and ash. By regularly replacing your smoking pipe screens, you can be sure that each pipe you fill will provide you with a full and satisfying taste from start to finish. Get yours today and see the difference a good smoking pipe screen can make!