Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners aren’t just to create stick figures or intricate crafts with. Outside of an inexpensive entertainment option, a package of high-quality and effective pipe cleaners help keep your pipe stems and bowls clean. They also aid in ensuring your pipes are free of excess ash and gooey resins.

At Smoker’s Outlet Online, our goal is to provide smokers with the best accessories to enrich their smoking experience. That’s why we have done our due diligence in the industry to find two major brands that meet our rigid standards, are effective, and are available to you at a conveniently low cost.

Our first tried-and-true brand, Zen, offers both flexibility and strength. Their firm and effective bristles allow the dedicated smoker to scour and thoroughly clean their pipe stems and bowls. Each package contains 44 bristle pipe cleaners that are constructed using extra absorbent 100% cotton filler. What that means for you is that each time you clean your pipe, the process will go by faster and more efficiently. You might even be able to bring your pipe back to a like new condition, which means fuller and cleaner smokers each time you fill your bowl. If you search anywhere else for Zen brand pipe cleaners, you’ll find soon realize we offer competitive pricing, especially in bulk. You will be able to purchase a few packages at a time without breaking the bank!

Our other high-performance brand, Dill, provides you excellent value for your money. These six-inch long durable and first-rate pipe cleaners make cleaning your pipe a breeze. Rest assured, you’ll get pleasure out of cleaning your smoking pipe, knowing it’ll make each smoke so much better in taste and quality. In addition to cleaning out any used tobacco residue or buildup, these clean, 100% cotton, and extra absorbent smoking pipe cleaners allow you the cleanest and freshest smoke possible. As with our Zen smoking pipe cleaners, these impressive and valuable pipe cleaners are priced to make bulk purchase effortless and sensible.