Every Hot Rodder knows that it takes hard work and dedication to quality to make a great design into an incredible hot rod. The real payoff comes when you fire one up. Hot Rod Tubes bring that same feeling to you with their cigarette tubes. Hot Rod tubes have Regular, Smooth, and menthol in both king and 100mm sizes and Extra Smooth in king size for the ultimate variety of choices.

Hot Rod Cigarette Tubes: Superior Quality at an Affordable Price

The cost of cigarettes is becoming progressively more prohibitive, and consumers are turning to cigarette tubes as an economical alternative. However, how much more economical is it when the tubes break, tear, and bend right out of the carton? Hot Rod Cigarette Tubes are always reliable; always exceptionally made.

If you want to appreciate your favorite tobacco products, you want a cigarette tube that allows their unique characteristics to come through. Hot Rod Cigarette Tubes are unfailingly mild, providing the user with an unparalleled taste and experience. Manufactured in the United States, so you know that you're getting home-grown quality every time.


Don't be fooled by the low cost – Hot Rod Cigarette Tubes are made with precision! You want quality for price, and a cigarette tube that bends, tears, or is crushed straight out of the carton is only wasting your money. Hot Rod Cigarette Tubes are always intact and ready for use – you'll find that they can be comfortably injected with your preferred products with no issues. No waste; no fuss.


It is extremely frustrating to find that your cigarette tubes just can't stand up to your machine or injector. Never worry whether you have the correct tools for your cigarette tubes. If you have tried-and-true standard equipment, you'll find that it will work beautifully with you Hot Rod Cigarette Tubes!


Hot Rod Cigarette Tubes are not only some of the most inexpensive products you'll find on the market, they'll also continue to save you money with every use! Designed expertly and economically; they use less tobacco than most other brands. You'll get the smooth, full enjoyment of your favorite products, while using less of them.

Hot Rod Cigarette Tubes - Made in America, and made with pride.