Golden Harvest

Golden Harvest Tubes are one of our most popular brands of cigarette tubes. They are manufactured with the highest quality and craftsmanship for the smoothest smoking pleasure without changing the flavor of your tobacco. You’ll find these tubes available in Red, Blue, and Green in king size and 100mm sizes to fit almost everyone's preferences.

Try Our Golden Harvest Cigarette Tubes

Many of our cigarette smoking aficionados have discovered, to their delight, our Golden Harvest cigarette tubes. For the smoker who enjoys her or his habit enough to take the time to make the very best cigarettes, nothing beats our Golden Harvest cigarette tubes.

All of our Golden Harvest cigarette tubes come in both king size as well as 100 mm, and you have the pleasure of choosing both regular and mentholated filters. Each package contains a count of 200 cigarette tubes, and you can choose between red, blue, or green boxes of Golden Harvest cigarette tubes.

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If you insist on the best when it comes to smoking but prefer to keep the cost of your enjoyment within a reasonable budget, then Golden Harvest cigarette tubes are definitely the way to go. Discover what so many other smart smokers have learned: using Golden Harvest cigarette tubes not only makes sense, but it also only costs cents per smoke. Isn’t it about time that you got your money’s worth when it comes to enjoying cigarette smoking?

Try our Golden Harvest cigarette tubes and find out just how good and inexpensive smoking cigarettes can be. Save money and improve your flavor and taste with Golden Harvest cigarette tubes. Chances are that once you try it, there will be no going back to the old way of smoking!