Cigarette Filter tips

Cigarette Filter Tips

The Right Smoking Filter Tips Can Make All the Difference

Most smokers agree that the right smoking filter tips can make a difference in your smoking experience. At Smoker’s Outlet Online, we have once again done our homework and narrowed down our selection of recommended smoking filter tips for your use. We have tried many and have concluded that if you want effective smoking filter tips at a good price, you will find no other place to get your smoking accessories at such a great value.

First off, our regular smoking filter tips come in a package of approximately 100 and are 15 mm in length as well as 8 mm in diameter. These inexpensive smoking filter tips do an excellent job of filtering out your smoke so that you can still enjoy the full flavor while also getting a smooth smoke each time you use it. They are well made and very easy to use, and since they are priced at only a couple of pennies apiece, it makes sense to keep a good supply of these smoking filter tips.

Our Premier smoking filter tips are an equally good deal for our smoking customers. Coming in a package of 200, these premier filter tips are slightly longer at 20 mm and are known for their consistent and outstanding quality. Again priced at about a penny each, you cannot go wrong when you buy a pack of these popular smoking filter tips.

Finally, our Top smoking filter tips are yet another bargain. These well recognized smoking filter tips work great with many of our rolling machines, making the inclusion of a smoking filter tip easy and fast. These smoking filter tips also come in a package of 100 and are also 15 mm long, which makes them easy to use with most of our cigarette rolling machines. There is little doubt that these smoking filter tips will increase your smoking pleasure!