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A Full Menu of Smoke Odor Candles

At Smoker’s Outlet Online, we not only consider our smoking customers, but we also want to make sure that any non-smoking colleague is equally comfortable when socializing with their smoking friends.

To this end, we are proud to offer a wide selection of smoke odor candles for your home or office. These very effective and fragrant smoke odor candles not only help to reduce or eliminate the smoke in a room, it also offers a pleasant alternate fragrance to offset the smell of tobacco.

With over 30 unique and natural smells from which to choose, and at extremely affordable prices, our smoke odor candles are a sure thing for both smokers and their non-smoking friends and roommates. In addition to offering such classic fruit sensations as cinnamon apple, fresh strawberries, pear, orange lemon, cherry pomegranate, and pear, prepare to also enjoy and experience such unique and new exotic blends such as winter winds, hippie love, sun kissed, rasta love, clothesline fresh, lavender with chamomile, and even dragon’s blood.

We also carry such delightful incense fragrances as nag champa, patchouli, sandalwood, and flower power. Last, but never the least, consider such enticing titles as Brazilian Coffee, Kissletoe, Hollyberry Hills, Bamboo Breeze, Fall and Leaves, Mulberry Spice, Pumpkin Spice (great for winter holidays!), and Sugared Cranberries (also a fabulous winter scent!).

In addition to offering such a broad and quality list of effective and long lasting smoke odor candles, you can also buy our wick trimmer, which helps you get the most out of each smoke odor candle that you buy and use. Once you consider the amount of use and pleasure that you gain from each of the smoke odor candles that you use within your home or work space, the more that you will realize that the cost of these smoke odor candles are really a great bargain.