When you roll with Beretta Tubes, you’ll get a product with a style that’s all its own. The distinctive black filter tip gives these tubes a stylish look that set’s them apart from the competition. But don’t think that these tubes are just fancy looks. The high-quality components ensure that these tubes are as good as they look. Available in Original and Elite in both King size and 100mm and Menthol King, these tubes will let everyone know that only the best is good enough for you.

Beretta Cigarette Tubes

Smoking your favorite cigarette kindles a sense of pleasure that is hard to experience from anything else. That is why you enjoy smoking, and that is why having access to only the highest-standard cigarette products is paramount. Among the several products offered by Smoker’s Outlet Online, one of our top choices are our Beretta Cigarette Tubes, which allow you to enjoy smoking on your own terms by filling them with your choice of tobacco.

Our Beretta Cigarette Tubes feature a black filter wrap, and they come in 200-count boxes. These tubes stand out because they combine top-tier manufacturing with a unique design, which makes them look and taste equally good. The tube is white but has a black filter tip—an admittedly classy look that is sure to usher in compliments and make you feel sophisticated.

We at Smoker’s Outlet Online offer several types of Beretta filter tubes, including Original, Elite, and Menthol options. Our Beretta Original King tubes, at a whopping 84 millimeters long, our full of flavor. The Beretta Elite King tube offers the added bonus of a micro-perforation, thus allowing for a lighter draw. Finally, our Beretta Menthol King tube combines the company’s original tube style with a special Mentholated Filter that provides an irresistible cool mint flavor.

The tubes’ paper is thick enough so as not to rip easily but also thin enough to allow you to fully experience the flavor of the tobacco you are smoking. Customers also praise them for their smooth burn, lack of a smoky paper taste, and user-friendliness. They are additionally known for being comfortable and not sticking to your lips. Our cigarette tubes leave you wanting for nothing due to their unparalleled quality and respectable prices. With our Beretta Cigarette Tubes, you will fall in love with smoking all over again.