Check Out Our Selection of Ashtrays

As a smoker, you can never have enough ashtrays. And because at Smoker’s Outlet Online we carry a great variety of ashtrays at temptingly low prices, there is no reason not to stockpile a good selection of quality ashtrays.

For instance, our kind ash cache ashtray remains highly popular with our pipe smoking crowd. Each of these stylish and durable ashtrays come with a soft, washable, silicone covered top that is easy to clean yet gentle to your pipe along with a functional silicone smash pillar that makes it simple to knock our your pipe ashes. And best of all, you can snag these in such attractive styles as tie die, rasta, and even glow in the dark. It is of little wonder that these ashtrays are so popular for our pipe smoking clients.

Another line of ashtrays that also remain in high demand are our Bobken ashtrays. We carry their home/office ashtray, the ever popular cigar ashtray, the heavyweight ashtray, the travel ashtray, and even their clever and easy to carry pocket ashtray.

The Bobken home/office ashtray comes in four delightful colors (red, blue, green, and black) and boasts a fireproof container that lets you snuff out your cigarette without any smoke.

The Bobken cigar ashtray comes in green, brown, or black and it also has been built to hold either cigars or pipes. They are designed to be placed in a cup holder and even has a handle that allows you to hang this ashtray on a car window.

The Bobken pocket ashtray boasts a leather pouch with a fireproof lining that is great for the active smoker on the go. A quick squeeze will open this ashtray that always snaps back shut tightly, which means no loose ashes all over the place. It will readily hold 10 butts and fits well in either a shirt or back pocket.

The bottom line is that you cannot go wrong with our outstanding selection of quality ashtrays that are offered at low prices. Get several and never have to go searching around for an available ashtray. Also, remember that these also make great gifts for your smoking friends!