American Club Expanded Pipe Tobacco is a great way to add a little variety and flavor to your life. They have all the best flavors you could want, from Red and Blue Natural flavors to the cool refreshing menthol of green and even the great flavors of Cherry, Grape, Vanilla, and Peach. They are available in 1 lb (16oz) packages or 1.5oz packages if you just want to add a little flavor to your life. You may be asking yourself, what is expanded pipe tobacco? American Club uses a natural expansion process to increase the volume. This is done by adding heat to the tobacco to make each leaf larger, much like the process used to make puffed rice. Why would I want to expand my tobacco? The most obvious reason is that each bag is 33% larger than other non-expanded tobaccos. The increased volume means that you get more fills per 1 lb bag while still maintaining that great Virginia and Burley flavor in each puff.